The Sam Christensen Image Workshop is a Four Day Weekend Intensive designed to bring out the AUTHENTIC SELF in each of the workshop participants. This proprietary process originated in Los Angeles over 3 decades ago, and came to Atlanta in 2011. The Intensive is now facilitated by Brooke Jaye Taylor and Matthew Cornwell at our Get Taped studio.

Upcoming Dates

January 24th - 27th

January 31st - Feb 3rd

(email us to reserve a spot*)

*$50 non-refundable deposit required

Why do you need four days?

The problem is there is a disconnect between what YOU know to be true about YOURSELF, and the IMAGE you project to OTHERS. You hide parts of yourself, showcase other parts, and aren't even aware of certain qualities or traits that others see in you. Add to that the fact that Society has not given you permission to engage your full authentic self, and social media has encouraged many of us to curate an online persona that is often times not an authentic representation of our true self.

So, we walk you through many different exercises over the 4 days that have been specifically developed through decades of research to generate a comprehensive description of YOU that combines both your inner knowledge of yourself and the outer knowledge provided by your fellow classmates.

The result of this work is that you will be able to bridge that gap between the inner and outer YOU, thus increasing your AUTHENTICITY. The tools you walk away with will help you find a new approach to your auditions*, marketing tools (headshots, resumes, reels, websites), and even how you interact with others on a daily basis.

What's the Class size?

We have found that 8-10 students is the sweet spot, but if demand is high we may push it to 12.

How many hours am I in class?

We call it an "Intensive" for a reason. You will be spending a significant part of each day either in class or doing outside work. Here's a basic breakdown of the time commitment.


Morning Session: 10am - 1pm

Afternoon Session: 2pm - 5pm


Morning Session: 10am - 1pm

Afternoon Consultation: 30min personal consultation with one of the facilitators


Morning Session: 11am - 1pm

Afternoon Consultation: One hour personal consultation with one of the facilitators


Afternoon Session: 1pm - 5pm

You will also have homework to do outside of class on Friday and Saturday evening. All told, you'll be devoting over 20 hours of your weekend to us!

Okay, so what's the investment?

Many weekend workshops in Atlanta will average out to more than $100 per hour. If we matched that, then 20 hours would equal $2000. YIKES!

But don't worry! We understand that would be unaffordable for most people. When Sam first brought the workshop to Atlanta in 2011, he knew he couldn't charge what he did in Los Angeles, so he offered the Intensive for a discounted price of $695.00, and never raised the price in 8 years. Now that we've transitioned into being the facilitators, we've decided to DISCOUNT that price even further to $595.00. PLUS! You only need to put a $50 deposit down to reserve your spot, and we will work out a payment plan for up to 6 months with no interest!


*$50 deposit required, non-refundable

Need more info?

We encourage anyone interested in the Intensive to come to our periodic FREE PREVIEW night. We will give you the history on how the process was created by Sam Christensen and Ken Cortland, and why we think it's so important to your development as an actor** and a human :)


January 22nd, 2020

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**NOTE: Although this workshop tends to attract mostly performers, the work is not specific to any one industry and can be just as impactful whether you're an artist, entrepreneur, working professional, student, stay-at-home parent, athlete, or any other human.


How well do you know

your own Identity?


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