We are excited to now be offering a variety of classes at our studio!

We will be adding/changing our slate of offerings throughout the year,

so check back periodically to see what's new.

The Sam Christensen Image Intensive with Brooke & Matt

Friday-Monday (hours vary)

Length: 4 days

This four-day workshop is designed to bring out the AUTHENTIC SELF in each of the workshop participants. This proprietary process originated in Los Angeles over 3 decades ago, and came to Atlanta in 2011. The Intensive is now facilitated by Brooke Jaye Taylor and Matthew Cornwell of Get Taped. Head over to our Sam Christensen page for more info.


April 16-19, 2021 (over Zoom)

Get WORKED! On-Camera Workout with Matt

Mondays, 7p-10p

Length: 8 weeks

Class Size: 10

In this 2-month class, we'll start most weeks with a fun, but challenging technical exercise that mirrors one of the myriad skills that actors are just expected to possess (but that no one ever teaches). For instance, hitting multiple marks in a scene, timing dialogue with camera moves, handling "empty" props (coffee cup, moving box), etc.

After each intro excercise, we will jump in to a new script and work it on camera. Every student will be taped each class, with time reserved for watching playback with a critique from Matt.

For the final project, we shoot a short scene written specifically for class. By mimicking a real set, we're able to put the concepts learned fully into practice. Here are some samples from past classes:

Investment: $160/month, or $295 up front (save $25!)


(email if you're interested)

Get LOOSE! Improv with Brooke and Matt

Tuesdays, 7p-10p

Length: 2 months, with an ongoing option

Class Size: 12

With over 30 years of combined experience in improv, Brooke and Matt will focus on bringing your improv skills up to a level that will serve you immensely in your on-camera career.

Most of the time, it is NOT okay to change the lines in a script. But developing your improv muscle will give you new insight on how to build your performance, especially when you don't have a lot of time to prepare. It will also help you on set when you're asked to make adjustments on the fly.

We require only a 2 month commitment, but encourage you to continue in our ongoing class, because like any muscle, you won't see results by only taking one or two classes.

Investment: $160/month, or $295 every two months

NEXT SESSION STARTS: TBA 2021 (email if you're interested)

Get YOUTH! Teen Acting and Improv Class with Brooke

Length: 8 weeks

Class Size: 10

In this two month class, we will dive into script analysis, auditioning on camera, and even some improv! Brooke brings her decades of experience as a working actress, combined with her high school teaching experience and 10 years as the Drama Director at Camp Wayne to offer an exciting and instructive class!

Investment: $150/month, or $275 up front (save $25)


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