Introducing Get Ready!

Our 2021 Career Tune-Up Workshop

(Live over Zoom)

We're excited to announce our first workshop of the New Year! With over 30 productions happening RIGHT NOW in Georgia, it's a great time to make sure your career is in order. During this 3-hour workshop, we will cover a wide variety of topics, including:

1) The Craft

     • Home self-tape setups (gear to buy, and how to optimize your space at home)

     • Auditions tips (how to interpret those taping instructions, how to look your best, etc.)

     • Acting classes (craft classes, improv, 1-day vs. weekly, etc.)

     • And more!

2) The Business

     • Headshots (how often to get them, what agents and CDs respond to, etc.)

     • Agents (getting one, getting on the "A-List", etc.)

     • Actors Access (slate shots, uploading clips and reels, etc.)

     • And more!

3) Your Public Persona

     • Social media presence (which sites do you need? Does follower count matter?)

     • Your overall brand (maintaining authenticity and consistency across all media)

     • And more!

4) Your Specific Questions answered!

     • Time permitting, we will answer as many questions as you have

     • We encourage the use of the chat feature in Zoom to also ask questions

     • Any questions not answered in the 3 hours can be addressed one-on-one at a future date



Investment: $20.21

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