Get Taped! with Brooke & Matt


The TANGIBLE reasons

  1. HD camera with great lighting and sound

  2. The luxury to watch back your performance and make adjustments

  3. Reader provided

  4. We always send you a copy!

  5. Affordable rates

  6. Location with waiting room, bathroom, and plenty of free parking

The INTANGIBLE reasons

  1. We have over 35 years of combined experience in “the biz”

  2. We’ve both worked in casting

  3. We’ve both had experience working at top talent agencies

  4. We’re actors AND teachers, so you know you’ll have an experienced reader

  5. We’ve worked on most of the local shows, and know all the regional casting directors, so we can provide tips that are specific to the project for which you’re auditioning.

Reasons to use Us...

“It is our desire to raise the bar for the Atlanta industry by providing an environment where the actor can feel comfortable and confident that they are putting their best foot forward.”

Get Taped! was founded by Brooke and Matt in 2010.

Welcome to Get Taped! We are a taping service in Atlanta, GA. We specialize in audition tapings, and are available 5 days a week (closed on weekends). Please watch our video on self-taping below to get started...